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Dr. Kenneth Liegner
Honorary Speaker

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Dr. Daniel Cameron

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Dr. Elena Frid

Dr. Elena Frid is a Board Certified NYC Neurologist and Clinical Neurophysiologist, with a clinical focus in Autoimmune Disorders and Neuro-Lyme conditions. Dr. Frid is investigating diagnostician, adviser, and treatment strategist to patients suffering from Lyme disease and associated co-infections.

Pioneering the field of Autoimmune Neurology, she often sees patients (children and adults) with complex cases of Lyme disease and co-infections resulting in multiple neurological complaints. Dr. Frid uses innovative diagnostic methods and treatment strategies for a wide array of complex neuro-Lyme manifestations which often mimic other illnesses (including MS, ADHD, Autism, PANS/PANDAS, Arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinsons, and many more).

Her many areas of expertise are: General Neurology, Headaches & Migraines, Autoimmune Neurology, Neuropsychiatric and Neurodegenerative Disorders. Her knowledge has been sought by patients from all over the United States, as well as Canada, England, Germany, Spain, and Australia.

She is one of the most experienced and unique Lyme doctors in the field, due to her background in Autoimmune Neurology, with heavy focus on diagnostic methodology, clinical expertise in neurology and psychiatry, and treatment therapy encompassing western and eastern medicine.

Dr. Elena Frid has committed her time to bring awareness of Lyme disease to medical colleagues, patients and families across the United States Dr. Frid seats on the ProjectLyme.org’s medical advisory board, is an ILADS member and speaker, as well as contributes her time educating people through social media, medical publications, and community “Call to Action” speaking engagements.

Dr. Neil Spector

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Dr. Steven Phillips

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Bob Giguere

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Dr. Nancy Fox

Nancy Fox, Ed.D, Founder of Decisive Action Solutions is a Life Strategist, Author and Speaker. She is known as a “Decisive Woman” who works with businesses, organizations and individuals to empower their employees, their volunteers and themselves to face challenges as opportunities and provide extraordinary service.

Dr. Nancy Fox has authored and published the best-selling book, Decisive Women. She is now a sought-after radio guest, appearing on ABC and Fox News.

She is a speaker for small businesses, corporations, and women’s groups. And she is also a credited advocate for children and Lyme disease with her philanthropic work writing educational literature to promote Lyme disease awareness. Sharing her life lessons and feeling the pain of others simply by looking into their eyes was the foundation of Decisive Action Solutions.

Lori Dennis, MA, R.P.

Lori Dennis, MA is a Registered Psychotherapist in Private Practice in Toronto and author of LYME MADNESS, named the #1 New Release in Immune System Health on Amazon. Ever since her adult son fell ill in the fall of 2012, her only focus has been to help him get well. Little did she know at the start of this medical odyssey just how deep and unending this rabbit hole would be. While helping her son navigate his medical journey from “no answers” to continued recovery, she was determined to write this book to help others navigate this long and arduous path from illness to wellness—the overwhelming and complicated trek that comes with having chronic Lyme disease. She was also determined to provide a platform for other Lyme sufferers to have their voices heard in an effort to end the madness. A madness where millions are suffering around the globe while mainstream medicine continues to turn its back on the sick and infirm. 
Lori is a member of the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario, the Ontario Society of Psychotherapists, and the Ontario Association of Consultants, Counsellors, Psychometrists and Psychotherapists. In her full time Talk Therapy practice, Lori addresses a broad spectrum of mental health concerns. She also supports Lyme sufferers in her daily work. This year, she will be doing a speaking tour bringing the realities of Lyme Madness to communities across North America. Her next project is to create a a series of webinars and a handbook entitled The Lyme Literate Therapist for her professional colleagues. 

Katina Makris

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George Popovici

Angels are all around us, reaching out to offer comfort, guidance, and hope. For George Popovici, an award-winning safety engineer who had it all in the prime of his life, people who appeared in his life as angels offered him hope in the midst of his despair as he searched for answers to a mysterious illness that had ripped away the perfect health he’d enjoyed all of his life.

After a desperate eight-year search to find out why he had fallen so ill, George finally discovered after seeing 42 physicians that he was suffering from late-stage Lyme Disease, often mis-diagnosed as ALS, Multiple sclerosis or chronic fatigue syndrome. He sought out the famous Maureen Hancock, who told him that there was a purpose behind his illness: he was to bring together stories of hope and healing to inspire people who are desperate and ready to give up hope. He realized that his illness was part of God’s plan to encourage him to reach out to others who were in need of help.

Angels Walking with Us tells the story of George’s 8-year multi-physician search to understand why his physical state had degenerated so quickly when he had been so healthy all his life, and goes on to offer stories about divine interventions, miracles, and phenomenal healings from the many people who gave him hope over the course of his illness.