Worcester Technical High School
1 Skyline Drive, Worcester, MA 01605
Saturday, September 23, 2017
Registration at 8:30am | Conference from 9am to 4:30pm

Schedule subject to change without notice, please check regularly for updates!

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Auditorium (A141)

Conference Opening: Ken and Michele Miller
Honorary Speaker: Dr. Kenneth Liegner, “Chronic Lyme Disease”

Auditorium (A141)

Dr. Daniel Cameron, “ILADS Treatment Guidelines and Updates”

Classroom (A158)

Katina Makris, “Healing Lyme disease, Mind, Body and Spirit/Homeopathy for Lyme”

Conference (A171)

David Larson, “The Ultimate Lyme Support System”

Conference (A172)

Dr. Dennis Ciccone, Jr., “The Wellness Way Approach to Lyme disease”

Multi-Purpose Room (A148)

Mary Sullivan, “Make your Home a Healing Hub”

Auditorium (A141)

Classroom (A017)

Jenny Rush, “The Placebo Effect of a Chronic Illness”

Conference Center (A171):

Deb Jodoin, “Your Lymphatic System”

Conference Center (A172):

Lori Dennis, “Lyme Madness”

Multi-Purpose Room (A148):

Dr. Alexis Chesney, “Diagnosis and Treatment of Lyme disease”

Cafeteria (A001-lower level)

Lunch provided by Apple Spice Junction
(needs to be ordered in advance by September 20th)

Attendee needs to show either a white or lime green band to receive a lunch.

Visit with Exhibitors on Main Floor or meet the Authors at the Authors’ Table.

Auditorium (A141)

Dr. Elena Frid, “Diagnosing and Treating infections induced autoimmune encephalitis in patients with persistent lyme symptoms”

Classroom (A158):

George Popovici, “Emotions and Illness”

Conference Center (A171-A172):

Bob Giguere “Staying ahead of the Plague”

Multi-Purpose Room (A148): Alternative treatments

Dr. Savely Yurkovsky, “Treating Lyme disease with Field Control Therapy”

Auditorium (A141)

Dr. Jane Markes, “Mental Illness or Lyme disease?”

Classroom (A158):

Dr. Nancy Fox, “Finding the Strength and Direction to Overcome Health Obstacles with Decision Action”

Conference Center (A171):

Dr. Lee Cowden (SKYPE) “The Importance of Detoxification in Overcoming Lyme Disease”

Conference Center (A172):

Dr. Neil Spector,  “Gone in a Heartbeat”

Multi-Purpose Room (A148):

Dr. Uma, “Treating Lyme Disease, Cannabis and the Endocannaboid System”

Auditorium (A141)

Q&A-Submit your questions in the Q&A box at the registration table with the index cards from your conference bags.

Moderator: TBD
Panel: Lyme literate experts, TBD
Conference Close