IGeneX Inc.

IGeneX, Inc. is a specialized clinical reference laboratory focusing on Lyme disease and other associated Tick-Borne diseases. IGeneX, Inc. was founded in 1991 and since then has provided personalized service to private practice physicians, hospitals, and other clinical reference laboratories worldwide. IGeneX is recognized worldwide as offering the most accurate testing available by hiring highly skilled professional laboratory personnel and using the most advanced techniques and instruments.


Nutramedix, with offices in Florida and Ireland, has supplied natural products to health care professionals since 1993.  Our expanding line of liquid and capsule products are manufactured utilizing a proprietary extraction and enhancement process that provides highly bio-available, full spectrum extracts.

Lyme Awareness of Cape Cod

  • Reduce the incidence of Lyme and Tick borne illnesses on Cape Cod and the Islands, through education on prevention, early detection and treatment
  • Provide Lyme patients with the latest information on treatment options and resources including integrative approaches to treating Lyme disease
  • Provide Lyme patients with support services and advocacy
  • Provide treatment subsidies to Lyme patients with financial hardships

Oils of Eden Wellness

Oils of Eden Wellness Techniques is my way of bringing you the Raindrop Technique, VitaFlex and X’Tract with Essential Oils for your overall well being. We are all out of balance and just not as vibrant as we should be. The ZYTO Compass is an accurate way to pinpoint where to start supporting your body systems, while on your journey of continued health with the use of Young Living Essential Oils and other wellness products.

MA Lyme Coalition